Autism and Mental Health Disorders: Innovative Initiatives for Inclusion – STORYLIVING ‘s final conference in Brussels

Jun 26, 2023 | News

Our final conference for StoryLiving project was successfully completed in March 2023 in Brussels. The event was very successful and professionals from different sectors, such as psychologists, social workers, managers, educators, workers in the private sector, youth workers, etc. attended it.

We presented the StoryLiving educational material, including the educational platform, the stories of the pandemic from persons in the autism spectrum or with mental health disorders, and the StoryLiving resources with our experiences from the project’s implementation. In addition, the awarded project by the BeInclusive EU Sports Awards named “SailAway” was presented by its former coordinator, ms Savvoula Oikonomou, that spoke about their sailing activities with youth with ASD, and the partners from Centro Danilo Dolci in Italy, KMOP Skopje in North Macedonia and Intras in Spain presented their experiences from the national pilot training with professionals that work with persons with ASD or mental health disorders. 

The participants were interested to learn more about the StoryLiving approach and how they could use storytelling and our developed material in their professional work. Finally, KMOP Policy Centre that organised the final conference in Brussels informed participants about relevant initiatives in Belgium that could refer to for more relevant initiatives related to ASD or mental health disorders.